It is 2013.
The world is so accessible that everything comes towards you all at the same time. We have access to almost all the information and choises are innumerous. Sometimes it is so much that you would like to escape it for a while. Escapism is something from all times however now in 2013 we have put our ability to escape in somebody else’s hand. Nowadays we are surrounded by passive entertainment such as video games, social media and downloadable movies that give us the chance to comfortably slip away for a moment.
We have lost the contact with our own capability to escape hence to the overload of input and choises. We have become so accustomed to only taking without looking for it within ourselves. However the most beautiful tool to escape is something we all posess, namely our abilty to imagine and fantasise. They are our access to a greater world where all freedom lies to dream.
With a film I wanted to show that in our selves there is a much bigger world that can let you escape reality. The viewer is sucked in the mind of a man and exposed to his fantasy and imagination until you are brought back again in the present. His world shows us bizarre scenes that stimulate us in their incomprehensibility. In the same manner everyday life can trigger your fantasy and let you escape. With this movie I want to show us the wonderfull world of fantasy and imagination that we all posess in ourselves that we can use to escape reality.

© 2013 Merel voor Matthijs